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Junior Server Engineer

Job description

Responsible for programming and maintaining mobile social game server-side game logic, using Python, PHP, Flask, MySQL, Postgres, Redis in Linux environment.


  • Responsible for programming and maintaining mobile social game server-side game logic
  • Will be part of an established team to support some of our existing games, develop new games, and support a fast- growing customer base
  • Able to convert game logic into proper program logic under a clean and maintainable system design
  • Work with everyone from QA to system admins to fix bugs and resolve production issues in a timely manner

Desired Skills and Experience


  • Bachelor’s Degree in technical discipline
  • 3 years of working experience in server deployment of game operations.
  • Experience developing web applications or server-side game back-end using languages such as PHP or Python
  • Strong knowledge in Python and PHP is highly valued
  • Experienced using version control system (Git/SVN)
  • Knowledge with Cloud Computing, eg. AWS, Google Cloud is a plus
  • Comfortable working in Linux environment
  • Interest in developing a variety of mobile game genres
  • Enjoys an environment where personal and professional development are encouraged and supported
  • Good communication skills and excellent problems solving skills
  • Have a good understanding of software development methodologies
  • Self-directed within a team context
  • Creative, innovative, positive problems solving perspective

Company description & backstory

XII Braves is a mobile social game studio based in Singapore, with its goal on providing World-class entertainment and excitement to the global market.

In recent years, with the widespread popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, the demand for mobile games has never been greater. This has opened many doors and new exciting forms of entertainment to audiences.

XII Braves, located in Singapore, serves as a HQ for the core development, creation and launch pad to bring its products to audiences around the world. We have also established overseas support teams for game operations and additional production. As an organization with many industry veterans, we are looking for highly motivated and self-driven individuals to be part of our elite team.

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