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Rally your allies in the battle for Arathos.

Enter the world of Valiant Force, an epic adventure of wit and strategy. Set in the fantasy world of Arathos, you can wield powerful spells and empower allies with crafty enchantments. Think ten steps ahead and control the flow of battle. Summon and collect mighty allies and build the strongest team Arathos has ever seen.


A turn-based, grid tactics game, Valiant Force is an adventure that will exercise your tactician’s instincts to the fullest. Master the unique auras of each hero, and use them in tandem with each other to multiply their power with clever planning and positioning.
Customize your heroes with potentially limitless combinations of weapons, armor and accessories. Raise them through diverse job paths and discover their unique skills.
With numerous possible combinations for equally numerous playstyles, take charge of your own Garrison, building and fortifying as you see fit, and build a glorious base of operations for your team.

"An epic tale awaits players in Valiant Force, a mobile RPG strategy game with turn-based combat" - MMO'


A decade ago, a pair of extraordinarily gifted twins, Emma and Ethan Godric turned to blood magic in a desperate attempt to avenge the deaths of their family. The magic, which required the offering of souls, eroded their sanity until Emma was driven mad by her newfound powers.
Believing that humanity needed to be cleansed of its sins through death. Emma attempted to invoked a spell of extinction over the entire human race. Ethan, having had a change of heart, drove his sword through her heart in the nick of time.
With her dying breath Emma swore to return to conclude her unfinished business with humanity, before fading away. Ethan, too, picked up his sword and vanished from the annals of history.
More than a decade later, omens forewarned that this slumbering evil would once again awaken and shroud Arathos in darkness. Our brave heroes Leon and Theia work against the clock to gather the Valiants, the strongest heroes in the land, and a group of trustworthy allies to join their cause, forming the greatest team the world has ever known to face this encroaching evil head-on.