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Valiant Force 2
Break the Chains of Destiny

Welcome to Valiant Force 2, a world where vaunted heroes are disavowed by their people, while those who follow in their footsteps must valiantly hold on to what is right. Expect a fresh take on turn-based, tactical role playing gameplay and control the flow of battle in brand new expanded battlefields. Summon and collect beloved characters like the Valiants with eye-catching anime visual style that’s become a defining characteristic of the popular franchise.


A turn-based, online strategy mobile role-playing game set in the fantasy world of Arathos. Summon and collect a bigger roster of characters than ever while retaining classic features and mechanics such as Hero Job system, Airship and Aura Trigger.

Control the flow of battle with expanded battlefields to experience a greater freedom of movement beyond the original 18 tile battle maps. Master the new combats features such as Trigger mana system and utilize the heroes next move with strategic planning based on Elemental Strength and Weakness.


The year is 1268 VE, and the realm of Arathos is rife with chaos and disorder. In the wake of the Crystal Bearer, Leon Daracan’s, sudden departure to Feldria, the hearts and minds of the people are ablaze with suspicion and fear. With the Crystal of Arathos missing, Arathos is vulnerable, exposed to unknown dangers beyond its shores. Some are quick to condemn Leon for dooming the realm, while others wait anxiously for his return, along with the four Valiants who aided his quest.

A time of crisis is upon Arathos. In the midst of the Crystal Bearer’s absence, political unrest seethes. It is up to three young knights, Elise, Felix, and Maeve, to rise up, keep the peace and maintain order. But saving the realm will demand great things from Elise, who must weigh all that she holds dear in her quest — not merely to be a hero, but to always do the right thing.