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Little Valiants
Little Warriors, Great Adventures

The world of Arathos continues to expand, with something in store for even the most casual of gamers. Built in the style of popular idle-clicker games, Little Valiants delivers all of the magic of Valiant Force in a bite-sized, easy-to-learn package.


Flex your fingers and tap your way through the world of Arathos in Little Valiants; a straightforward yet challenging adventure that immerses you in a beautifully handcrafted environment. Tap your way to victory, fighting through hordes of original monsters from the franchise. Customize your main avatar hero with a selection of unique weapons, armor and accessories along the way.
Recruit more than 50 unique, powerful and familiar heroes to your team. Just like in Valiant Force, you can also steer their growth along skill trees, boosting your team’s total combat power to defeat the neverending march of minions.
The unique avatars from the Valiant Force and Shining Beyond, now available in Little Valiants' style.


Once again, the land of Arathos has come under threat. It seems peace will never be achieved until the evil Emma is put to rest for good!
The brave heroes from Valiant Force and Shining Beyond set out on a tag-team adventure, joining forces to stop the evil together in a brand new story. The land of Arathos may be much cuter than players remember, but the villains are no less nefarious, and the monsters just as dangerous.
Our heroes uncover a devious plan by the minions of darkness - a plan that involves reviving their evil master Emma Godric to once again lead them in an unstoppable rampage across Arathos. ‘Peace’ is a revolting concept to beings of evil, and they will do everything in their power to disrupt it.
Valiants! Let us once again help the Little Heroes in their time of need - lend them your all-powerful fingers and overcome the darkness once more!