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DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer, you will work closely with developers to support new application feature and services launches, as well as manage applications and servers using automated deployment tools.


  • Responsible for setting up stable infrastructure in the AWS cloud environment.
  • Implement the performance and availability of monitoring systems in the levels of the servers and the applications.
  • Administrate the AWS cloud computing services, servers and database, ensure the services are available and accessible.
  • Release and deploy the applications in SIT, UAT and production environment with the team.


  •  Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, related field OR equivalent work experience
  •  3+ years of experience in production software development and/or operations
  •  Good experience into AWS Architecture and Services.
  •  Prior experience in working cloud applications on AWS
  •  Ability to design high availability applications on AWS across availability zones and availability regions
  •  Ability to design applications on AWS taking advantage of disaster recovery design guidelines
  •  Experience in Linux configuration and administration
  •  Experience with distributed Source Code Management (SCM) tools, e.g. Git
  •  Some experience with operational provisioning tools, e.g. Ansible, Puppet or Chef
  •  Hands on coding experience in PHP, Python or Bash scripting development and related operations
  •  Strong scripting capabilities: bash, perl, or python preferred
  •  Integration experience with third party/open source system monitoring tools. e.g. Sentry, New Relic

Please send your application to the following address: Only retained candidates will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in XII Braves.

Company description & backstory

XII Braves is a mobile social game studio based in Singapore. Its goal is set on providing World-class entertainment and excitement to the global market.

In recent years, with the widespread popularity of smartphones and mobile devices, the demand for mobile games has never been greater. This has opened many doors and new exciting forms of entertainment to audiences.

XII Braves, located in Singapore, serves as a HQ for core development and creation and serves as a launch pad to bring its products to audiences around the world. We have also established overseas support teams for game operations and additional production. As an organization with many industry veterans, we are looking for highly motivated and self-driven individuals to be part of our elite team.

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